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How lying can not be hurried training dog training

how trained dogs lie , let the dog lying under instruction to make the action is actually more basic movements, usually the owner at the time to be more training to guide them and give them appropriate award will inspire the passion of their training. That specific training dog lying under way, what does? Let's work together to learn about it. I hope you can master the skills of family dog ​​as soon as possible.

怎么训练狗狗卧 不能操之过急训练

1, when the dog learned to sit down, lying training can continue to learn, as long as a little heart as an incentive, the dog will quickly learn that the action ! Oh training approach is: let the dog wearing a collar, dog owners issued a "sit" password, command the dog to sit down.

2, the dog owner and the dog walked squat, then the food or snacks on hand, from the front of the dog moves from top to bottom slowly.

3, when your hands or snack food has touched the ground, the dogs for a snack, get on the ground will follow. The moment when the dog was about to get on the ground, you need a password for the dog shouted: "lie!"

4, remember to get on the ground when the dog is completely, done after the operation, in order to give it to dessert eat Oh!

5, if the dog did not get on the ground action, may try to pull the rope to pull down gently so that it slowly get on the ground, but do not pull, so as not to hurt the dog dog.

6, if the dog did not get on the ground, may your left hand around it's body and his hands on the dog's neck, then slowly press down firmly dog, remember Do not be too hard, so as not to hurt the dog Oh!


1, after the dog get on the ground, hind legs askew other illnesses such as occur, for dog owners promptly corrected, but pay attention to the method, so as not to undermine the whole operation.

2, do not get down and sit in regular contact training, so as not to generate an automatic dog lying sit down automatically after sitting or lying after bad contact.

3, lying delay did not consolidate before, do not rush to combine to come to training, so as not to delay the destruction.

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