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How to train border collie is not easy to play it or intimidation

Border Collie how to train , a problem for those at home rearing Border Collie friends are more concerned about is how to train border collie, and how we can do better trained Border Collie, training the process should pay attention to what we do, pet network today small for everyone to take, said said on the question of how border Collie training, also I do not know how to train a border Collie friends worry about friends and see it .

边境牧羊犬如何训练 不轻易去打或恐吓它

as if you will not easily play or intimidation as a child, so-called punishment just to let the dog know its behavior so that you are not satisfied. The purpose of punishment nor is it to hurt, just ask it, correct it, so do not play them, there is no need to scare them. The easiest way is to use your voice clearly tell it "NO"!

must always remember, said to the dog "NO!" When your focus is not the volume, but you and authoritative tone, to make it feel your position. The mere yelling, although there will be effective, but not the best way, because once the dog began to fear the noise, they may be other sounds, such as thunder, night speakers will have the feeling of fear or punishment.

As for the dog, the more desirable. Many people, myself included, have had such a misunderstanding that when they are disobedient can "hand on the shot," in fact, this is a very wrong idea. Because both play in any way, your dog will have a sense of fear opponents, for example, is going to be raising his hand every time you play it, and when you are ready then, raising his hand to stroke it, it will feel nervous, this is the so-called "fear hand predisposition."

In addition, there are a lot of people like to tap the ground with newspaper and child or plastic bottles, make them aware of the error. For both methods, the experts' opinions mixed, it can only be said to be "because of dog-specific." However, if other forms of punishment and effective, we do not recommend using these two methods.

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