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How Shih Tzu training not to use violent methods of training

Shih Tzu how to train , the Shih Tzu has a noble quality coupled with some training so that the owner was really taken out with face, so many dog ​​owners are very concerned about Shih Tzu training, hope to train a dog to their own satisfaction, then we Shih Tzu how to train it, let Xiaobian to introduce to you a good look at it, I hope you read can help.

西施犬如何训练 不要用粗暴的方法训练

1, do not use violent methods of training Shih Tzu

in training, the owners can not use methods rebuke to tune Shih Tzu, this approach often makes rebuke Shih Tzu fear tensions. And even more brutal beatings way can not be used, and this brutal method for the Shih Tzu, it is life-threatening behavior, likely to cause it to appear rebellious. Since then, the owner will not even think in training Shih Tzu, and the dog will be no longer trust humans, and even become very aggressive for such behavior.

2, Shih Tzu training should be gradual

in training, when to be patient and caregiver ground over and over again to teach it, put an end to reprimand, a corporal punishment series bad behavior. Let the Shih Tzu owners together and feel the happiest, most secure. And training courses should be gradual, from simple to difficult, when a Shih Tzu complete mastery of the subject training, proceeding to the next subject of training.

3, when training to respect the Shih Tzu

caregiver training, it should respect the Shih Tzu. When reprimanded Shih Tzu, Shih Tzu do not call names and then carrying out criticism and education. This gives Shih Tzu caused when a reflex, when the name is called a bitch. Thus, when then call the name Shih Tzu, it will ignore, or even run away. During the training, the Shih Tzu shouting the name should be limited to orders, or praise when the Shih Tzu. Thus, the Shih Tzu is considered the "name" is a very "happy" things, when you are in a call, it will immediately go to your side.

4, training password must be the same

in the course of training, in order to make Shih Tzu better understand the content of the training, the training master password used must be consistent.For example, when told to sit down and Shih Tzu, it is the use of "sit down", "squat", to unify the whole family to use a common password. Every command should be simple, clear pronunciation, let the Shih Tzu can determine the meaning of sequential instructions according to the tone of the language, length and strength, while completing the operation command.

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