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Collie training methods use some food as a lure

Collie training method , want better trained good Scottish shepherd must find the right method, in fact, every dog ​​training methods are there, only to seize methods, training can be more effective, although now online on Collie training methods Ling Lang everywhere, but there are also quite suitable for training Collie, today small also give you several No own experience.

苏格兰牧羊犬训练方法 用一些美食作为引诱

1, no matter what training, at the time of the initial training, parents may want to take a mandatory, method of guiding. Su Mu first to make the dog fully familiar with and understand the statement's meaning, and then make the right moves under the guidance of the owner. Until Su Mu dog training can fully understand the meaning of the directive, in order to make it solely to complete the training content.

2, of course, with the extension of training time, with a training content can lead to Su Mu dogs have a sense of fatigue, half their behavior to evade training may occur. To this end, parents must stop the advance. At this time parents can use some food as a lure, to stimulate the Soviet Union to participate in the fun, animal husbandry, dog training, it can be positive for training, of course, if the Soviet Union were very well-behaved dog, animal husbandry, then lure of food should give it to eat, oh.

3, Collie training should start from simple habits and attitude towards life. Then gradually transition to the training skills. For example, you can train Su herd accompanied tour, in a fixed place to sleep, food, excretion and so on. And then wait for the dog bones on the transition to fully developed after the title was running, jumping obstacles, then Frisbee and so on.

4, Further, in addition to force, other food lure training methods, parents can help aid of means. For example, when you can use roving tow rope; when the title was using dog toys; tour when you can also use the leash and so on. By the help of aids to better control Su Mu dogs, dog training to improve efficiency.

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