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Dog fever how to do the dog's normal body temperature is 38 ~ 39.5 ℃

dog fever how to do, the dog's normal body temperature is 38 ~ 39.5 ℃, higher than body temperature, if you find the dog's body temperature than usual, feels hot, you can use a thermometer to help the dog measurement, - when the temperature reached 40.5 deg.] C like, known as fever.

狗狗发烧怎么办 狗的正常体温为38~39.5℃

What is fever

thermoregulation in mammals is controlled by the hypothalamus. By reaction throughout the body's temperature sensation or to increase heat dissipation. Pyrogen or disease (e.g., bacterial endotoxin influence the thermoregulatory center) will increase the temperature setpoint, and also move in this temperature new temperature setpoint.

causes fever

fever is usually because of illness caused by increased body temperature.

Clinical symptoms

fever generally be divided into acute and chronic inflammation, acute inflammatory lesions may be found where a simple self-diagnostic process, but it is difficult from chronic inflammation simple physical examination or test case to get bamboo cane. Many people think that fever - caused by a cold set, in fact, the dog does not really cold, cold is the so-called human cold virus infection, but in terms of the dog is not cold virus, so pet owners need not worry about the flu is contagious to dogs. If the dog's body temperature exceeds 40C and more than two weeks, we need professional doctors to diagnose because the reasons may include infections, autoimmune disorders body, cancer and drug response.

diagnostic modality

the dog's body temperature than humans already high, 38 ~ 39.5C, so pet owners often mistakenly think that the dog has a fever, but in fact this is the dog's normal body temperature. Scientific diagnostic method is to use a thermometer to measure. The owner may buy baby rectal temperature was measured using rectal temperature of the dog. When the temperature over 40.5 ℃, showing the dog a high fever.


to find the cause of the fever, and give the dog proper treatment.

after treatment status

to find out the real cause and provide treatment, usually can get a good therapeutic effect.

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