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Dog fever What kind of medicine to hospital for fever needle to the dogs

dog fever What kind of medicine , for dog friends dog fever is their most troublesome thing, because as soon as the dog is not a fever would say it like humans, then eat a fever medicine, and the need to carefully find the owner, if found to have symptoms of fever was immediately taken would need treatment, and today the network of small series pet dog fever What kind of medicine and other related issues and introduce you the specific introduction.

狗狗发烧吃什么药 去医院给狗狗打退烧针

The method of determining dog fever

To investigate whether dog gloomy mental state, whether a bow fin, Dai Li , slow response performance.

Obviously dog ​​nose drying, is no longer before damp like.

whether dogs have a poor appetite, picky eaters, poor feeding, sudden symptoms like drinking ice water.

to see the stool is normal.

to see the dog's eyes, if there is swelling, discharge, there is muddy.

measured with a thermometer at rectal temperature to the dog, or the measured temperature of the inner thigh.

treatment of dog fever

dog fever to rule out causes of the disease, that is, we usually say that the remedy.

a. Fever infection, remove the source of infection to keep the dogs living environment and health.

b. Fever, cold, to be noted that the insulation of the dog.

to the pet hospital for a fever needle to the dogs.

wiping intervals dog footbed, stomach, ear with alcohol.

with ice on the belly of the dog, about 1 minute, and put up over time, repeated several times.

family dog ​​fever treatment:

must first be said that if the dog found high body temperature, Danian, and tried table found dog fever , be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible, so that serious doctor's diagnosis came the real cause of the fever, symptomatic treatment is the best method. Below that home treatment is limited to a period no case condition to the hospital.

relatively easy to find people to eat antipyretics: my dog ​​has a fever because of the time to the hospital, so whenDog high fever, my approach is to give the dog fight fever needle. Later, I checked out the Ambassador's "drug dogs and cats Quick Reference" to find two kinds of people is also very easy to find common antipyretics, you can refer to the following amount to the dogs eat first drug fever: ① Aspirin: 10mg / kg body weight, twice daily; ② Tylenol: 10mg / kg body weight, twice daily.

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