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Dwarf Di Wen Terrier selected three strategies to teach you how to pick a good dog

bantam DI Wen terrier how the election, many dog ​​lovers have little experience in the selection of the dog, but the dog is actually pick a technology live, in which there is a skill Oh, today small to introduce three methods gave judgment, we hope to help pick the first dog parents.

矮脚狄文梗怎么选  三招教你挑到好犬

1, the environment is bright and spacious, clean?

dog from what kind of environment is very important. If a dog had lived in filthy cramped environment, activity, stool, urine is a place, after excretion and no one timely removal of cleaning, stink to high heaven, then he will not have good health habits, to a new after the family, almost impossible to train their outdoor toilet habits.

On the contrary, if you see a dog field clean and bright, there are kennels there are venues, every day there are people who each dog kennel to pull timed dispensing field activities and urine, it was clear immediately after defecation , then, that dog will not be willing to dirty their own place to sleep and live, to the new owner of the home, it is easy to teach him outside or to a fixed place defecation.

If a pet shop, dogs mostly kept in cages. Similarly, if you want to see the dog cage kept clean, whether the dog urine immediately after it was cleared. Dogs have no one to pull out outdoor activities, accepting light. Do not just look at whether the beautiful shop signs, whether style decoration, but also pay attention to whether the store has an intolerable stench, in addition to the reasons unclean, and more likely to be dogs, dogs smell a general cleaning can not remove .

2, dog eat what food?

If you see rice, porridge plus a la carte and mix together to dog meat eating, this food, starch and the fat content is too high, calcium and micronutrient deficiencies, most dogs will have different degrees of rickets, hair and skin can not be healthy growth.

In addition, due to the production and preservation aspects of dog eat this food, there are more chances of developing gastrointestinal disease, which is, do you shape and color from clear whether the dog stool above a normal two.

More seriously, grow up with this food breeding dogs, in all likelihood are greedy, they would very much like to find garbage, and even eat. Due to long-term eatingFood, poor feeding they might receive no training, so it will not resist giving food to strangers, meet someone poisoning, must not be spared.

formal, scientific management of certain dog field is special dog food to feed the dogs. Time quantitative dry dog ​​food to feed, addition of water placed both clean, without wasting. Dog food used, according to the growth and movement needs of dogs specially formulated production, full of nutrients, help digestion, dogs also grow healthy. Snack food grown dogs from the dog, as long as poor feeding through training, and even if they do anything for poisoner.

3, how the dog's health and neurological conditions?

you see the dog, if knotted hair, replaced the hair on the body hanging nobody comb, sticky stool or other dirt on the hair, then they must not have someone for dog grooming.

In addition, to see if there are sick dog. As long as there is a dog illness, especially bacterial or viral infections and skin diseases, dogs live with him most likely infected, then you should not buy this course or dog canine pet store. The selection of dogs, dogs see if there is mucus, nose, ears are clean, whether the nose moist. As long as there is an unusual find, you should pay special attention to carefully consider whether they should buy.

In addition, pull out the dog, to see whether fear of strangers, do not hesitate if before, eyes flashing, tail clamping, this dog is certainly a lack of exercise environment, there are problems to adapt to the new environment.

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