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Dog eat fried olive oil extra virgin olive oil, meat it is better

dog eat olive oil, fry the meat? olive oil really is a good thing, oh, especially extra virgin olive oil as well, because this is more suitable for dogs to eat, oh. Virgin is pressed from olives out, is equivalent to the same fruit juice, can be eaten raw, not to mention nutritional value, if it is fried in olive oil out of the meat can be fed to the dog eat it? This question by the pet network Xiaobian to tell you about it.

狗狗能吃橄榄油炒的肉吗 橄榄油初榨为好

to the dogs must carefully choose to use olive oil for its use, to the dogs to eat olive oil method is relatively simple, direct and dog olive oil stir food, let the dog to eat normally, you can also feed the dog eating pork with olives yo, are no problem.

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