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Greyhound how kind is a very good family dog

how to Greyhound , Greyhound is a character very good dog, the dog likes to run, so they need a relatively large amount of exercise, if parents are busy working, not too much time with them out for a walk, and when the purchase is best to carefully consider. As the obedient dog, the dog got a lot of fans of all ages. So people are concerned about the dog slowly began to rise.

灵缇怎么样 是一种十分优秀的家庭犬

Greyhound is one of the ancient breed. Purebred dogs, body unchanged since ancient times. The first to be trained to use visual tracking prey visual type hunting dog, is the world's fastest dogs feet away, at speeds up to 64 km per hour. But this dog is not refined prototype, but also suitable for family dogs.

originating in the Middle East, and later Persian merchant arrived in Europe, and small species Greyhound Italian Greyhound, popular in medieval Europe people, especially nobles favorite pet dogs are raised for use. In fact, the use of the head are usually crest on Greyhound, the French royal family and my crest Henry VIII of England's image can be found in the Greyhound. Greyhound can play its exceptional speed, even hunt rabbits and other small animals, and never will be turnovers. Since ancient times, the hare is the Greyhound chase competitors, today's training was changed to artificial mechanical rabbit, let it do the chasing activities

Greyhound of good character, understanding, all dogs are the most speed fast varieties, like chasing the body, cells strong, stable stance and muscular, well-proportioned structure. For children also very caring, affection is also very rich.

Italian Greyhound was originally a very good shepherd. Because of its sensitive nerve slender body, there are rules, it is a very good family dog. It is usually clever kind, considerate. Because I like to run so always pay attention to sports, to take Frisbee Greyhound can be said to be a master, because it likes to catch 'running' thing.

due to the need to exercise, diet should also pay attention, appropriate after the movement can give some incentives, but not too much.

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