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The difference between a greyhound and the greyhound breed is of the same series

difference Gree dog and Greyhound , Gree dogs and is in fact the same series Greyhound dog, parents may not know the breed may have confused the two relatively breeding dogs. Greyhound is a very domesticated breeds more suitable, like the dog parents can consider keeping Oh, and the dog is better bred, the owner pay more attention to bring them out for a walk, they require a relatively large amount of exercise.

格力犬与灵缇的区别 是同一系列的犬种

difference force dog and Greyhound, and some people will 'Greyhound' and 'Gree' as different breeds of dogs, in fact, misunderstood; debate Greyhound and Gree how how, in fact, is a pseudo-topic. The reasons, mainly due to transliteration are different.

'Gree' word translation is Hong Kong and Taiwan, and Greyhound, animal husbandry official from the mainland academic named. In fact the two are the same thing. As the mainland US President called 'Bush', while Hong Kong and Taiwan called 'Bush'; mainland Australia's largest city will be called 'Sydney', they used to call Hong Kong and Taiwan to 'Sydney' same. The Whippets, is an independent breed, is the use of a large British Greyhound and several other hounds gradually developed from crosses, which clearly documented and explained in the information in the AKC.

Greyhound is one of the oldest breeds in the world, its origin and the creation of an independent has been perfected over many available and well-known short-haired dog, which is closest to it, it is Whippets. Early on, in the UK, England and the Scots quite substandard (now too), what both sides should rivalry, which is also Whippets gave birth to the world and cause a person to flourish. So far, many European countries Greyhound and Whippet Club Club are well do not make the river, each with its own constitution and play, respect each other, Xing Xing

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