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What to watch out for when training cats!

How to train cats ,training age training should start at the age of 2-3 months. At this time,cats are more likely to receive training and lay the foundation for future improvement.

How to train cats The main things to pay attention to when training cats

The best time to train a cat is to train before feeding,because hungry cats are willing to be close to others,and they are more obedient. Food is tempting to cats and it is easier to train.

Various stimuli should be organically combined. Various stimuli and means must be organically combined. We must not be tough and free,but must be flexible and flexible,and be lenient and strict. However,when training a certain action,do not use too many methods,so as not to be confused by the cat.

Be gentle and patient,and have a strong self-esteem,and do not want to be at the mercy of others. Therefore,be gentle,like playing with a cat. Even if you do something wrong,don't reprimand or punish him too much,otherwise the cat has an aversion to training,which will affect all the training process.

To do it step by step,you can't rush too fast,you can only teach one action at a time,and you must not perform several trainings at the same time. It is difficult for a cat to learn many movements at once. If it is not always done well,it will also cause the cat to lose confidence,cause the cat's boredom,and bring difficulties to future training. The length of each training session should not be too long,it can't exceed 10 minutes,but you can train several times a day.

The training environment should be quiet and not trained by several people at the same time,so as not to distract the cat. Training movements should not be too abrupt,and cannot make loud noises,because cats are very sensitive to loud noises or sudden movements,so as not to scare the cat away or hide from it.

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