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How to do cat cat cat trouble trouble cat drugs that inhibit good

cat cat trouble how to do? cat cat is actually downtown sexual maturity, this downtown cats will often happen, people get bored, especially bother to neighbors living. So how do cats cat trouble? Doctors recommend, if you do not want your cat born baby, then it as soon as possible cat neutered to keep it healthy. But also can solve the trouble cats troubles.

母猫闹猫怎么办 母猫闹猫药物抑制好不好

cat cat downtown What performance?

cat after sexual maturity, every 14 to 21 days estrus once, estrus for 3 to 6 days, requires mating period of about 2 to 3 days. When the cat in heat, docile temperament, like dawdling between masters legs. Sometimes the tail held high, willing to engage male cat, male cat issue after seeing 'ow' calls, and showed male cat with a special sense of intimacy, or with male cats playing, chasing, the initiative to hold high the tail, so mating male cats . If the cat off the heat in the room, when they hear the cry of male cats will furiously scratching doors and windows, eager to go out, and if stroking the cat back down, they will not move quietly, and move the tail action occurs. When some particularly sensitive cat in heat, bright eyes, do not want to eat, I wander everywhere. If you look closely it's genitals, vulva swelling can be seen, moist, and even outflow of mucus.

cat cat downtown drugs that inhibit good?

female cat in heat may be appropriate to use drugs that inhibit some drugs to suppress their breeding female cats in heat there will be no adverse reaction, but a short time it will not heat up. Such as progesterone, megestrol acetate, medroxyprogesterone acetate, testosterone and the like demethylation.

but to pay attention to the amount of medication, do not overuse, or will be a big problem. With drugs that inhibit female cats in heat may also have some people do not agree with it, after all, is a three-drug, say now many drugs are a problem, especially some small stores. Not because they are cheap Oh, you must go to a regular pharmacy to buy.

Tips: cat estrus suppression drugs must follow doctor's orders or instructions to use standard use, to avoid harm to the cat's ability to reproduce and life safety.

cat cat trouble solution: sterilization

When the home lovely cat, perceived 'spring coming,' and suddenly it is no longer youFamiliar arouses love cats, began to open defecation, in order to want to go out and scratch the screen door screens or furniture, middle of the night crying out loud, volatile temper negative feelings, fights with other animals, good times and bad appetite and other phenomena, so that as the owner of your body like in hell, really angry and worried plus a distressed. When

often hear a lot of people feel let cats do this surgery seems to be a very cruel catwalk, but there is a lot of cat owners do not want to help it move in this operation, and can not tolerate heat brought under distress come, be free to "let go" or sloppy transferred to others.

Perhaps you can live with as the owner of the cat all kinds of behavior, but your family? Your neighbors about it? They can endure it? If someone can not stand, you can withstand the brave people of blame and pressure, consistent care for your cat? If not, then take it to make it neutered!

in addition, older cat may also start to appear within a few endocrine problems, such as: diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction and so on. The treatment and control of these diseases, ovarian hormones are subject to interference or testicular secretion, resulting in an unstable condition, increased difficulty on treatment and control. In this case, come to the sterilization surgery, success can only rely on willpower cat, superb technology and physicians God's blessed!

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