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Pet cat breeding and disease prevention doing the daily care

pet cat breeding and disease prevention? pet cats can be said to be the darling of God, came to earth and therefore is also called a pet cat. Creator arranged it was perfect, flowing hair, delicate looks, independent character, only pay not asking for anything ...... we are talking about the white Formica but also the case. Therefore, many cat lovers preferred varieties, here's a look pet cat breeding and disease prevention should pay attention to what?

宠物猫饲养与疾病防治 做好日常的护理工作

pet cat proper husbandry practices

1. cat food to be secured using the disc, can not easily be replaced. Pet cats are very sensitive to transform food tray, because sometimes for a plate of food and refuse to eat. To clean the pan. Place a bottom pan newspaper paper or plastic, to prevent the sliding sound when the pan, but also easy to clean. Every cat leftovers or to be drained away, until the next feeding time and fresh food cooked mixed feeding.

2. Fed to a timing point. Pet cat "dinner" biological clock, once formed, is relatively fixed, should not be arbitrarily changed. Place to put a pet cat to be fixed ,, pet cats do not like bright light and place of eating in a noisy sound, if a visitor, do not let guests see when your pet cat pet cat eating, appear stranger , will greatly reduce the cat's appetite.

3. Useful pet cat claw get food to eat or the food tray Diao outside eating bad habits. Once this phenomenon is found to tune immediately to correct it.

4. Pet cat eating hot food. Cold food, cold food not only affects the cat's appetite, but also easy to cause digestive disorders. Generally, the temperature of food 30 to 40 degrees is appropriate, removed from the food in the refrigerator, to be heated before feeding.

5. Pet cat, while small drinking water, but it must be equipped with sufficient clean water. Cat drinking water must be clean water and change the water every day. Water pots can be placed on one side of the plate of food, free drink when thirsty to Persian.

6. Because cats are long-haired cat to cat grooming is very important. Spring is the season of cat hair removal, we have to use professional hair grooming cat grooming tools at this time.

7 The timing bathe them. Pet cat a bath not only can cats beautiful, clean, and can prevent the Persian catsSkin diseases and parasitic infections in vitro, and promote blood circulation and metabolism cats and other fitness and disease prevention.

8. Pet cat is long-haired cat, summer is easy to heat stroke. If the cat will quickly heat stroke must first be transferred to the ventilation or shady place, and then help them with ice or ice water to cool, it is best to send pet cat to the vet.

9 Let the pet cat indoors can make them suffer as little as possible diseases and parasites. Just let them get attentive care and good nutrition, we trusted each year to conduct a veterinary hospital for cats

a comprehensive physical examination and vaccination.

of human cat Weapon

1. Daily with a soft bristle brush neutral combing cat tail. Pet cat hair removal is easy, especially in the abdomen most likely to fluff entangled knot, filth and bacteria of the land, so the owner must be a day set aside 30 minutes for it to comb hair, while removing dead hair.

2. To maintain beautiful smooth coat, should be regularly shampoo bath, cat body when soiled, washed neutral soap hair in warm water, immediately followed by washing, drying. To take a bath before the pet cat full of body hair combed to remove shedding hair, prevent tangled when taking a bath, so it takes more time to sort out. This is usually on the cat's fur care, the owner must not be lazy. During sick pet cat is not suitable for bathing.

3. Purebred cat tears is a common problem, but tears are not necessarily got the eye or illness. When it saw food or yawning, it is easy to tears. We usually only need to pay more for the pet cat eye scrub, sometimes dropping point of chloramphenicol eye drops on the line.

4. Pet cat ears clean is also important, when tears than the usual, will flip down the cat's ears. Inside normal ear is a layer of transparent oil protects the ear, inside the ear if dirty, it would give the cats to clean ears. Generally about 10 days to clean up once the cat ears, with a small cotton swab to clean up after the ear canal, get another point on imports ear protection water to prevent the growth of bacteria. If there are ear mites, you can go to the drugstore to buy something called boric acid powder, cleaned up after sick cat ears, ears in it and sprinkle a little boric acid powder.

5 When the summerClimate, air conditioning or fan to maintain proper temperature to prevent heat stroke pet cat. If the family had no such conditions, put in place a plate of cats often stay cold water or ice can also achieve the cooling effect.

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