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Pet cat breeds Daquan take you to find the type of pet cat

pet cat breeds Guinness, in the market of cat breeds forty several different feeding habits of their cats are not the same way. In this regard, when we buy cat is best to first understand clearly what specific types of cats, like any pet choose the best choice and their own personality. In this way of feeding is also a great help. Let your pet a good network of small series to introduce pet cat breed it.

宠物猫品种大全  带大家了解宠物猫的种类

First, the Persian prices

Persian kitten, pet class in the worst since 1000, tournament level since 4000 .

Second, the price of purebred Persian

race with pedigree certificate level since 8000, with a particularly good product champion offspring 15,000 or so.

Third, the price of adult Persian

Persian adult prices generally will be relatively inexpensive, and generally require sellers price is negotiable, but the price is generally 1000 to 2000 about.

Fourth, Beijing's Persian price

Beijing purebred Persian cat is generally around 4000 to 6000, usually have a pedigree certification.

Fifth, the Guangzhou Persian price

more Persian hybrids Guangzhou, usually about 1000 to 2000 can buy. There is also need certification descent 5000.

Breeding Persian optional points

on the eye color is determined Persian cat species

First, the first, and not a Persian cat's eyes are odd-eyed, odd-eyed Persian cat is mostly white hair, and, most importantly, odd-eyed cat mostly hybrids! (due to gene mutation probability is very small, it can be said hybrids are ).

Second, due to wink Persian coat, are generally considered eye color Persian blue, green, copper color, gold, amber, color and strange two eyes have different colors (i.e., odd-eye ). Odd-eyed white Persian cat hair color often. Green, amber and golden eyes of a cat, are generally silverCoat system. Various eye colors more pure, the more the better, and in both eyes better color uniformity.

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