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Cats love to bathe the cat a bath tuning tips

love taking a bath cats , believe pet cat owners should know that the cat is not like taking a bath, and very resistant to water. Although cats are very clean, but also need to give them a bath regularly, so as to keep clean. That should be how to get the cat listen obediently taking a bath? Know to make love to bathe the cat not resist taking a bath?

爱洗澡的猫猫 调教猫咪洗澡的技巧


to take a bath, put nothing had happened to the cat cut nails, cut off sharp parts on the line, cut too much injury to the cat refers to the heart, after the cat absolutely disgusted rejection nails, and even the formation of a conditioned reflex, a nails, think of follow-up as well as take a shower, and my heart with shadow the increase is more resistant to nails and a bath.

hair cut nails, natural cat into a closed bathroom, (not a great range of motion, and play as usual, do not go to the execution ground with the whole of the same, or else the cat flew vigilance against them), this time to take a small amount of pre-prepared canned cat wonderful fresh package (eat a small amount, not too much, the role of emotion is allowed to feel at ease, delicious to eat, do not eat too much, too much immediately after the bath, not good for the stomach to digest, often this will lead to eating too much, eating too much later it will spit, cat glutton nature, how much how much food to eat, eat Chengsi eat dead, eaten all the time anxious, do not understand moderation), eating time, it can be more caresses head, praise praise, and multi-cat talk.

to see the cat emotionally stable, not panic do not resist when not in hiding, gently regulate water temperature (24-hour automated hot water district optimum gas-fired water heaters, electric water heater temperature adjusted in advance), not too hot and everyone's hand to test the water is warm feeling warm water, the water temperature between 30-35 degrees (depending on the weather to adjust the water temperature, the water too hot, the cat will struggle, fight, cry, we are saying that let you reduce the water temperature , burnt to death I a), after adjusting the water temperature, massage gently stroked the cat's back and spine of his favorite massage of the neck and chin, talk to him, praise him more obedient, and more courageous, more beautiful and more handsome, more than love bath, after washing becomes super handsome super beautiful and so a lot of good things. While adjusting the water temperature, while stroking calm emotions, not afraid to let the cat a sense of security.

Head and tail slightly from the proximate vicinity of the back wet (direct meal chaos leaching avoid indiscriminate spraying, or irritable crazy cat up immediately with a strong water jet massage Pengtou best catAmy will be very enjoy, with people a hand massage grade), when the wet side, while gently stroking (avoid shower head, the head is generally wipe ok, near the ear must be careful not to let the water gush into the shower inside, it will stimulate the cat crazy impatient), close fur head up slowly, pour in the past direction to head from the tail to the back of the neck, chin and then wet (water jet massage like cats super close to the wet chin, and man stroking chin of a comfort level), and finally wet abdomen, stomach, arms and legs.

After the wet body, the cat liquid bath, gently rub palms taken directly to cats (also in advance against a good proportion of water and body fluid), then gently rubbing the body to the foam, each gently rub the parts are, rub washing the body, with a prepared small soft brush to clean the limbs dirty feet ah elbows knees, cleaning one by one, slowly lifted to let go, and then a small soft hair brush to gently brush clean all the clean, water began to gently flush the head close to coat the foam.

After the flush foam, hair care use, take the palm, and methods of using the same liquid bath, gently rub the body, then to all the hair care, cylindrical timber with a prepared tooth comb, cis gently comb method can remove excess off the floating hair, so hair care seep in, after infiltration, start slowly by hand to gently rub can rub a small amount of cat hair off by group, the body gently rub the hair care 5 minutes, rinse hair close to the head.

After the rinse hair care, hands down smoothly and gently squeeze out a lot of the body of water, then with a prepared towel, again gently press the body of the residual limb plenty of water, and finally with a long towel wrapped up, dumplings state.

After wrapping, prepared into a circular basin (cats like to sleep in a circular shape inside the basin, as feeling like inside the womb), wrapped in a towel is allowed to absorb moisture, avoid dry rub back and forth, causing damage to cat hair cat hair coarse, cats can also be bound to struggle.

The cat removed out a small amount of canned cat pre-prepared, fresh wonderful package, to recognize and reward (canned cat before and after use, wonderful fresh package, is to form a conditioned reflex nature cat, before and after bathing more obey conditioned reflex have good food reward), when eating, dried with a towel wrapped over the edge of gentle dry pressing, followed by pre-prepared electrical plug gilling hair dryer, comb side edge hot air (whichDry hair sample, stud is clear, easy to tie, especially for long-haired cat stuffed cat still bottom), cat hair from a hair dryer held 10-15 cm, blowing back and forth, do not have a fixed time position of the blowout too long, too hot or burn the skin, hair has been fixed since the humid heat blow, and instantly evaporated and the heat of vaporization will burn the skin, certainly not with the cat and crazy, impatient), it has been so slowly dry the body, part of the stomach, underarms, legs, let the cat can lie down, massage the lower belly, chin and gently stroked a few times, the cat will cooperate dry.


try to choose the weather is warm, the weather of the sun to the cat a bath, so cold

to select a small enclosed space, such as toilets and bathroom to bathe the cat, so the cat chicken escape.

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