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Your cat to wear clothes?


clothes handsome black sergeant ah! Search the site to buy a bar! Huh? How many clothes are dog? But they are also wearing cat, cat owners wondered why the cat was not specifically designed clothes? Your cat to wear clothes?

winter, we all put on a thick down jacket, but meow star who is just a hair, it will not be cold?

In fact, the pet owner dressed entirely practice starting from a human point of view, more adorable kitty looks more cute, but also can withstand the cold, but in fact, the cat's fur itself can better withstand cold, give it artificially dressed for cats is a kind of damage, wear long clothes, so that they would not normally fluffy hair erect, over time will, loss of the thermal effect. in addition, change the cat its natural state it may cause endocrine disorders.

If the owners really want to make people look more cute meow Star, you can buy some clothes for photographs, but do not let the cat out clothes Oh, because so maybe he will loss of balance, and may even have a bed do not jump up yet.

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