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Hot days to the cat shearing scissors


hot summer weather, not just humans feel uncomfortable, the cat will heat to heat stroke, summer is coming, they can consider giving the cat shearing scissors, comfortably spend the summer.

a, carding


While each of the summer is, the cat will epilation, but off the cat hair will inevitably stick to the cat who, a long time to form a thick "hair pie" and therefore, in summer at least once a day to cat grooming, clean the cat stuck in the body of shedding hair.

Second, shaving

to shave the cat can go to the beauty salon, you can also implement their own at home, looking one more round sharp scissors cut close to the cat's body sideways, not vertically cut so as not to cut into the cat's skin. When to prune belly and cat hair on the ass, it will generally resist, so the best two people together for the cat shearing, and can give the cat a vent for what it is, such as slippers, mats let the cat bite catch hold, transfer its attention, shearing work on more smoothly.

Third, the trim leg hair

For cats can not shave body hair, may cat trim leg hair, long cat sweat glands on the pads, if leg hair is too long, the cat will not heat, so it should be kept, cut and leg hair cat, so the cat will not only allow for better heat dissipation, but also to let the cat better perceived by the Ottomans weak signal from the ground.

Fourth, sufficient water

On hot days, the cat than ever need to add water, if can not let the cat in time to drink water, the cat is prone to heat stroke, so be sure to prepare enough clean water for the cat before leaving for work.

V. light food

about having the cat will feel even more heat unbearably hot, then should feed some clearLight food. Recommended white boiled corn chicken breast lettuce plus, you can add cooked chicken breast with white water sweet corn (cooked) and clean the lettuce, then chopped with a knife to the cat to eat.

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