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cat fear of water. Moreover, the cat itself will do the cleaning for yourself, so if it is domestic cats do not go out, have good health and no skin disease no fleas, has been without a bath can be.

If we want to bathe a cat, you need to pay attention to:

1. kitten can not take a bath, playing only after the first dose of vaccine can be washed, a first needle vaccines typically play kittens after 10 weeks, one week after the immunization is poor resistance, can prevent a cold bath. You can wash a week later.

2. house cat a bath should not be ground. Bathing will hurt the cat had brought in fur protective grease up to 4 to 6 Monday wash. Above this frequency will be similar to human dandruff dander emerge, but also prone to skin diseases.

3. to a specific cat cat wash bath use, not employing shampoo. Cat's fur required cleaning ingredients and care ingredients, sterilization ingredients, all in different people. Supermarkets have to sell, do not save this money.

4. If the cat has always been crazy to see the water, it is recommended to give the cat nail scissors, and then wash with plastic gloves.

began to take a bath, be sure to warm environment to prevent cold and ready to chunk a spare towel.

cats do not like water, but many cats can tolerate. Ready for a sufficient drop your cat's bowl, water to soak into the cat's legs and belly flooding that have not yet beyond the back position, the water pressure is too high too Cat will feel uncomfortable. If the cat is too nasty water, it is easy to pop out, you can use a plastic tub when sorting boxes, sorting boxes of high edge, it is not easy to jump away. Hot water temperature must not, 40 degrees to, but slightly warmer feel less feeling hot line. The cat into them, she may struggle this time, slowly and talk to her, to ease her tension. With one hand, grabbed her two front legs of the roots, so she ran lumbering legs. Fast water cat hair all wet, you can use ordinary water basin Sheng cup of water to her. Some cats can even use red head slowly, watching extent docile cat may be, character more intense cat recommendations pouring a cup of it, so that water will not be enough chilled cat, nor the sound of rushing head, to caused her fear.

After the wet hair, playing bath, slightly rub. Rub all over the body, flushing. Certainly the hub of clean, to prevent the cat to lick the residue of the bath into the stomach. Take bath towel wrapped dry. If the cat cat washing process particularly bad temper, two people can wash, a pressing a wash, wash when you can use a dedicated digital cat hair combed, her daily comb out the hair off so that she fell on the clothes furniture hair less.

hair is too much movement, the summer can be removed. Multi-wipe with a dry towel on the line, put a good sunny warm place to call her own lick it.

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