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Cat drying oven be used with caution


a recent online search found the cat drying box suitable for families with models, and drying box for both cat and lazy hands of people who can save a lot of time and reduce a lot of trouble, but the vet found that cats can cause drying me uncomfortable, so be careful.

In general pet grooming shop for cat bathe, wash hair after drying also drying this one. But Porch Xiao Bian remind the owner, try not to give a cat with a hair dryer or dryer.

Generally when processing large dogs or dogs thick undercoat, the bath will beauticians Chit machine (a potent hair dryer) first undercoat water blown but timid or nervous straight long-haired dogs do not apply, in particular, does not apply to cats. There are some local pet will use the dry box, many owners also think it is essential facilities. But some veterinarians deprecated drying me, think that cats and dogs can cause some degree of discomfort, and bathe program the most accident-prone location, is drying box.

If the drying oven must enter, the owner should be asked for setting temperature and baking time, cats and small dogs in general 20 to 40 minutes, Large to dogs 40 ~ 60 minutes, at a temperature of from about 30 ~ 35 , after a Ba Jiufen dry hair, and then the needle comb with hair dryer to completely dry.

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